Jetstar Take on the World

Jetstar Take on the World

3:58:00 PM

One of my favorite budget airlines, Jetstar is offering THREE persons their trips of a lifetime!

We all have someone, something or somewhere special waiting for us. What's yours?
I have my special one by my side here in little sunny Singapore.
But we love traveling the most out of all things.
It brings out the thrill and excitement when we explore unknown places or famous attractions!
It always fascinates us without fail!
Of course, it does tire us especially when we are growing old year by year. :(
Alas, there is the financial part too where we have to save up for a trip per year.

But thanks GOD for Jetstar!
However, I'd rather the winners be people who really have someone special like their families, or who has not flew on a plane before in their whole life.

 How to enter?

 1.  Make a video of yourself, what is waiting out there for you and why it is so important to you. 
2. Upload your video (preferably less than 2GB) here
P/S: There is a certain time period which you have to be available for travel! 

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