Shoebox Canteen

9:18:00 PM


Shoebox Canteen is located at:
36 North Canal Road

Opening hours:
11.45am to 2.30pm
*Only open on weekdays


Their Passion for Food


The 30-seater restaurant


Meal paper board

How lovely that the restaurant name is imprinted on the board everywhere.

Utensil bottle and our water


Grilled Prawn Salad + Lime Vinargrette

 Oh my! The prawns were so HUGE and sooooo JUICY!
Strongly recommended! 
However, they change their menus periodically.
By the time I publish this, it might not be available..

Anyway, this comes in a set lunch only for $19.00 with soup and main course.


French Onion Soup
It came like that, bread already dipped in it.

It tastes GOOD when it is HOT.
The soup is thick with a strong taste of onion but the onion taste was not overpowering!
It's better that way.


Baked Herb Pink Dory Fish + hand-cut chips & ikura also known as salmon roe.

This dish is also a MUST-TRY! (P/S: This is the main course)


Bb's ala-carte main course: Capallini w Prawns & pan-seared Scallops

It is only $15.00 but it is a generous serving!

Happy with our lunch!

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