9:26:00 AM

Just had a mini work-out of sit-ups, plank & abs exercise. Been sitting on it since the beginning of this year on & off although it is one of my resolutions... The recent trip to Genting sorta put me on alert warning! My waist has been stealthily crawling up from 24 to 27! "=_= *palm on face*

Now, off to another very over-due foodie post - Rokeby at Jalan Riang where the famous Wimbly Lu is located at!

We decided to try Rokeby out as a friend of ours was working there as well! It is known for its Australian dishes & everything is Australian! 

Thanks to our friend, we got 10% discount although it was little but better than nothing! The overall experience was not bad & it is recommended if you wanna have the original Australian dishes plus ambience! 

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