Yay or Nay to starting a family

10:45:00 PM

Congrats to my sis-in-law! 

Apparently, we only got to know about the good news today when we went to her office where the Shiseido Sale was being held!

When it comes to us ourselves, we have many many reasons for not being quite ready to plan for a family. Yes, I know I'm approaching my 30s and there is a greater risk in old expectant mothers. I've even been advised to have children at an early age by my aunt who had her 2 children at an older age.

1. We have no stable income to speak of.

My current work is only a contract employment and might expire by end June which is this month. Then, I am off back again to a tedious job hunt whoever knows how long it would take... And there is the flat which we just bought, coming along with the loan...

2. Bringing a child up takes lots of money.

There is the milk powder, diapers, etc after the birth. And the most important aspect is the child's education - nursery, kindergarten, primary school leading to university in the end. The total sum could amount up to a half million? It is just my estimate.. Basically, it would create a financial burden.

3. We are going through something.

There are some things which we yet have to resolve and I would not want those to affect our child. Well, I would not be going much deeper into this, nothing more than this.

Hey, don't let this discourage your plans to start a family as we all have our own different reasons and problems. 

I believe if we had a child, we would do our best as much as we can to give him/her the life they deserve. I might have my expectations of my family. I would surely want my children to have the best yet appreciate what they have. However, at the same time, I am worried about how our children would feel when they are growing up. Like they only have the basic necessities while other children have more other things and they wonder why they don't have while others have. I might also not be a good mother to my children and I would certainly feel bad and guilty for bringing them into the world. There is the continuous worrying about them going astray during their puberty years.. Yes, there are so many things to consider when planning for a family.

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