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Not applicable as we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

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I have written a post on my Los Angeles post previously. Click here to view.
We love Hard Rock so no prize for the correct guess. :)

Actually, we scheduled our USA trip due to the stay in Las Vegas. After checking & comparing the rates, we realised it was so much expensive to stay over the weekend. Weekdays could range from USD50 to USD100 while weekends jump high to USD200++. So, we scheduled our Las Vegas stay from Monday to Friday which saved us lots like USD500? Not to forget the resort fee which is charged daily!
I'll list the attractions included which we had visited below:
- Las Vegas Strip which consists of shopping centres, hotels & casinos
- Stratosphere Tower
- Fremont Street
- Grand Canyon
- Shark Reef Aquarium
Do note that there is a sales tax levied on your shopping and there is no global tax refund unlike in Europe.

The weather is quite hot at 40 degrees. We were there during summer! We blackened so quickly in 5 days! Haha!

As the name says, the Las Vegas Strip is a long straight road where shopping centres, hotels & casinos are located along the side roads. And on the overhead bridges, you could see people begging and sellers selling bottles of water. But I heard from my hubby that those bottles could be reused (think they pick up trashed bottles and refill the bottles) Yucks!

At Stratosphere Tower, thrill seekers can go for the Sky Jump where you jump off from 108th floor! For those whom don't prefer to face the ground down while jumping, they can try the 3 thrill rides at the top of the tower! Either is good as you can take in the sights of Las Vegas!My hubby took the   camera package for the Sky Jump which cost USD139.99. As for the 3 rides, you can buy Tower Admission + Unlimited Rides at USD34.00. Click here to view for more details.

Fremont Street don't need an introduction! It comes to life in night! Music could be heard all over the place. The projectors on the ceiling changes!

Here comes the star main attraction of Las Vegas - Grand Canyon! It is a marvelous sight! Thanks God for his miracles! The terrain is so amazing that I could not describe it! We took a helicopter tour. I forgot which website we booked from. The costs were about USD 300 to USD400++. I am sorry I can't remember. Be prepared for a long day but it is worthy! It took about 3 hours by bus to Grand Canyon with a stop at Hoover Dam. They'll give you colored wristbands to indicate which tour you are in so that the bus drivers would know where to drop us off for our optional tours as the group is mixed. We were the 1st to be dropped off for our helicopter tour and we were the only ones who opted for it.. After the tour, we were back together with the group at another place. We went around Grand Canyon and had 2 stops for photo-taking. Everywhere we went, the sights never failed us!

Shark Reef Aquarium - I don't recommend you visit as it is quite small. I'd rather go walking around Las Vegas or hang out in my hotel. :)

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