5 months

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It has been 5 months (to be exact - 22 weeks and 1 day)! The first 3 months have not really been bad towards me! I'll write down my experiences which will follow soon! Note that mine might differ slightly or even greater from others' experiences as it depends on the individual.

The first 3 months:

- I am quite lucky as I did not have any morning sickness which is one of the common symptoms that come with pregnancy.
- There were some certain foods that I had to avoid as per superstitions. Each time I wanted to eat certain foods, I would always google to confirm that it is safe for the little one.
- I only found a gynae just before 10 weeks. There is no hurry finding a gynae but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the gynae. Right, he/she is the one who will deliver your baby!
- A little baby bump could be seen at the end of the 3 months.
- As time progressed, I would get tired easily and fall asleep fast.
- I went overseas to Penang slightly after the 1st month. At that time, I was not aware. Later, my gynae advised not to fly for the 1st 3 months. Thanks God that the little one is okay!
- A con that comes with it is my deep cravings for foods that are sinful like salmon sashimi, ice cream, durians, everything! But I do take ice cream in moderation about once a month? Can't wait to pop out!
- Boobs grew bigger as milk ducts were formed to produce milk.
- No exercise was allowed.
- I took pleasure in being pampered. :D 

The 4th & 5th months:

- The bump got bigger.
- At first, I felt some bubble-like movements inside. Only when the 5th month came, it was obvious and some movements could be seen on the surface. It was a wonderful and funny feeling. :)
- Stretchmarks was one thing I worried about. I used Cetaphil moisturising lotion. Have to see if it works.. But it would be for sure if you had grown so faster.
- My gynae asked me if I needed to fly anywhere. It can be before 32 weeks. But I'd rather stay here in S'pore as it is my 1st time.

That should be all. :)

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