BBQ Chicken


2:40:00 PM

Baby Crayfish Salad from TCC!
Our most fav salad of the moment!!!

Don't the crayfish and fish roe make your mouth water???

 Nutty Mocha Frappe


My love grandma's home-cooked chicken curry and toasted bread!
Heaven! I could die for this dish!

Mushroom soup but not my fav type...
We were at BBQ Chicken with a huge bunch of friends for some catch-up!
This dinner was the one we should had long time ago but due to time constraints..
But I am glad that we could have such a dinner now!


Smoked Duck Salad with Citrus Dressing
The smoked duck was not bad but I love the leaves the most!

 Pepsi Float

But IMO, A&W's Root Beer Float is the best in the world!
Don't you agree with me?


Black Pepper Chicken Steak

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